Orange County Drum Lessons

Private lessons are given in the privacy and convenience of your home. Drumset instruction for beginners through professionals, ages 8-adult. Lessons include: technique, songs, music reading and theory. Styles include rudimental, orchestral, jazz, blues, rock, country, latin and more. Lessons can be coordinated with school music programs.
Curriculum is custom tailored to each student’s skill level, ability and schedule.
Patient, kind, supportive and creative environment ensures success of objectives in each lesson.

Technical skills covered are:

  • German, American and French matched grip
  • Traditional grip
  • Stick control
  • Snare drum rudimental/orchestral technique
  • Brush technique
  • Ride cymbal technique
  • Bass drum pedal technique
  • Hi-hat pedal technique
  • Coordinated independence
  • Hand drum technique