Drummers to see and hear.

I try to buy everything  JEFF HAMILTON has ever recorded.  He is my favorite drummer!  Do whatever you have to do to see him live.  Meeting Jeff and studying with him is a blessing.  See his website at:    hamiltonjazz.com

No one can touch this fireball of drummer.  CLAYTON CAMERON taught me about brushes, drums, music business, commitment and devotion to family.  To see him play live is a life affirming experience.  See his website at:    claytoncameron.com

I saw PAUL KREIBICH at Soka University and it was one of the best jazz drum performances I’ve ever experienced!  I first met Paul when I managed West Coast Drum in the late 70’s.  I had the privilege of a few lessons with Paul at Cal State Fullerton.  Terrific instructor and gentleman.  See his website at:     paulkreibich.com

I met MATT JOHNSON in the late 70’s when I managed West Coast Drum.  He was enthusiastic, kind, quick-witted, compassionate and fun to hang with.  His  drumming is amazing.  See his website at:       drummermattjohnson.com

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